Better Prints

The world is full of clothes and bags that no one wants to use. They are, however, already there, so how could you make better use out of them? By creating a better print on them, of course.

The idea of tuning used clothes into something new had been on my mind for some time. As we travelled the Nordic countries during the SIC! on Rails-trip, it made sense to do something useful while we were there and put words into action. At the workshops called Better Prints Without Borders, which were organized on the streets, anyone could print themselves a t-shirt or a bag with the text “Without Borders” or “No Borders” in English or in the local language. These free workshops have so far been organized in Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Malmö and Copenhagen.

Better Prints was also a part of a project called Valtaajat (Intruders, in English), which was organized by Yhteismaa and an organization called Tatsi ry. This project organized a two-week course aimed for unemployed young people, who during the course learned about different printing methods, designed their own prints and printed them.