Cake Exhibition

The Cake Exhibition is an exhibition, an event and a coffee time for all those who love cake. A bunch of baking enthusiasts bring out their favourite cake along with its story and its recipe. Anyone can take part in any kind of cake they want. The cake might have special meaning: it might be learnt from your mother, you might have made it up yourself or you just might love it for other reasons. This exhibition is not about competition, so any kind of ugly try-outs and failed attempts are welcome! The definition of cake in this event is also somewhat broad, so changing the meaning of cake is completely acceptable!

The exhibition itself (and eating the cakes) is for the bakers, but each of them can invite four other friends to enjoy the treats of the exhibition. The cakes are first there just to be admired, after which they are eaten together. An hour later everyone can come and enjoy the exhibition.

The Cake Exhibition started from an idea to combine an art gallery, sweet treats, sharing recipes and enjoying a cup of coffee together. I have organised the Cake Exhibition since October 2015 in the gallery/coffee shop Rupla in Helsinki.