Dinner under the Sky

The idea for “The dinner under the sky” came up, when we at Yhteismaa started to wonder, how we could celebrate Helsinki’s birthday at June 12th. We thought that the best – and the most natural – way would be to organise a huge dinner for all the people in the city.

“The dinner under the sky” was first organised at 12.6.2013 in Helsinki at the Pohjoisesplanadi street as part of the Helsinki Day celebrations. A dinner table for 1000 people was set up on the street, which was closed from traffic that day. The participants brought their own dinner and enjoyed each other’s company. The 1000 places for this free event were filled within the matter of a few minutes. Even when it started to rain, people still stayed at their tables and enjoyed themselves.

The first event was such a big success that it was made an annual part of the Helsinki Day celebrations. It is now organised by both Yhteismaa and the city of Helsinki. The event has also spread to many other cities.