Gallery Wednesday

Gallery Wednesday brings people from the streets to the galleries to have fun. Everyone is invited and the galleries are open the whole night. At the gallery you can mingle, laugh, get inspired or get passionate – or just hang out and meet your friends. You are allowed to enjoy and to stay as long as you want. On Gallery Wednesday the galleries keep their doors open until late and possibly offer the audience something out of the ordinary, such as openings, performances, discussions, workshops or little drinks and snacks.

Gallery Wednesday started from my wish to make art more accessible and everyday, as many people often hesitate to step into the galleries. The event, organised in many galleries at the same time, makes it easier for both art enthusiasts and newcomers to get familiar with art.

Gallery Wednesday has been organised six time since it’s launch in the fall of 2014. The event takes place six times a year: three times in the autumn and three times in the spring, always on the first Wednesday of the month. Gallery Wednesday was first organised by Yhteismaa and since 2017 it has been run by the galleries themselves.