Hoffice Helsinki

Hoffice Helsinki is a community and a network that turns homes and other spaces into creative and communal working spaces. It is aimed at all those who work independently but would like a supporting and social working environment. It’s also an opportunity to meet new people and to use the existing spaces more efficiently. The concept is free: you are not required to pay to participate and the possible lunch is at your own cost.

At Hoffice the working day is divided into periods of 45 minutes, between which you have a 15 minute break. Before the working period begins, every participant is supposed to explain what they are going to achieve during the day to the others, and the results of the work are shared during the breaks.

Hoffice was founded in Stockholm in November 2013. I got to know the concept when I visited Stockholm in January 2015, and instantly founded a Hoffice-group in Helsinki, too. I had already thought about opening my home to be used as an office, and the concept of Hoffice was so good that I wanted to bring it to Finland as well. Hoffice turned out to be a very good way of working, and I occasionally still arrange Hoffice-days at my home. In fact, this text was also written at Hoffice.