Kimchi Days

Along with every other events I occasionally organise pop up-restaurants, usually in collaboration with the chef Jyrki Tsutsunen. The restaurant needs to something one-of-a-kind. There needs to be something new and surprising that makes people think differently about things. One of these pop up-restaurants was Kimchi Days, which was opened in Helsinki at the Kustaankatu street for three days in 26.-28.2.2015. The working space was turned into a pop up restaurant, where we served a dish that used the Korean fermented cabbage kimchi as one of its main ingredients. The kimchi enthusiast Jyrki Tsutsunen was responsible for the menu and the atmosphere was completed by the music from DJ Ström. At the end of the day I asked the asylum seekers’ from the nearby reception centre to come and eat the rest of the food. And what a fun day it was! Oh and why organise Kimchi Days? Well, why not?