Living Room Exhibition

Living Room Exhibition brings art into people’s living rooms. For two days, private spaces are turned public, and into stages for contemporary art – bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, cellars, toilets, elevators and storage spaces are transformed into galleries and spaces for performances, and everyone is invited. The point is to break the traditional conception of private and public space. Art can be shown and seen elsewhere than just art museums and galleries. The living room exhibition brings art closer to people and offers them art experiences in a new context: in their everyday surroundings.

Living Room Exhibition got started when I was hosting the French Line Arhainx and German Rebecca Hirneise at my home in the fall of 2013, when they had just arrived in Finland and didn’t have a place to stay. Rebecca wanted to find somewhere to exhibit her photographs, but the gallery fees in Helsinki were too high for her. At the same time there were many other spaces in the city that could be used to host an art exhibition. Such as homes. So we decided to bring art into the homes of the people of Helsinki – and invite other artists to join us.

Living Room Exhibition has been organised two times, 21.-22.3.2014 and 21.-22.3.2015. On both of those occasions, 15 homes or spaces alike were changed into art galleries and there were pieces from about 40 different artists on display.