No Plastic Bag for Frozen Food, Please

“Would you like the frozen food to be put in a bag?” is a question often asked at  the cash register in the grocery stores that many people find annoying. Why on earth should they be put in a plastic bag? Many people do put them, since the cashier asks. The amount of plastic waste produced worldwide is too large anyway, and so in the spring of 2014, I created the Facebook page “No plastic bag for the frozen food, please.” The page was aimed at ending the unnecessary over-use of plastic bags, but also to inform people about the problems of plastic waste and raise awareness of the environmental issues related to the consumption culture in general. This turned out to be successful: the page quickly got more than 10 000 likes and the issue itself received a lot of media attention. And look! Many shops stopped asking the question – and some even started campaigning to reduce the amount of plastic waste themselves.