Do you think that the world is only changed between politicians and behind closed doors? Well you thought wrong. We all have power. We just have to use it, or it will use us.

Overtakers is a project started by Yhteismaa and Tatsi ry in 2015, which aims at giving the power back to the young people who have found themselves outside of the labour markets. Taking over is a way of doing, where the young people do things themselves, together with workers, unemployed people, managers and experts. The idea is to offer tools for the young people, with which they can make a difference in the issues they find meaningful and this way, to be recognised as people working for the common good. It prevents young people from losing their courage and helps them to see possibilities.

I was a part of planning the project and starting its action during the first year. Currently Tatsi ry is responsible for the project.

Website of the project