Pasila Street Art District

Definitely the biggest and for me most important street art project, which I’ve been doing is Pasila Street Art District. For years I had thought that many gray walls in this 1970s area would be a perfect place for street art. In 2017, I finally did something to change the situation with Helsinki Urban Art. It was difficult to find funding for the project, but partly due to the 100th anniversary of Finland, many embassies and cultural institutes wanted to support the project and bring many top level international artist to paint in the area.

The artists curated for the project represent a wide variety of styles and techniques, and many of them have painted in different parts of the world. Pasila Street Art District introduces the kind of street art that is hard to come by elsewhere in Finland. It is a place where artists get lots of artistic freedom and can test their limits. Some artists are invited to paint with the help of our partners, but it is also a place where local artists can show their skills and visiting international artists can leave their mark.

By the autumn of 2018, the area has already got over 40 works of art, which has changed the look and image of the area completely. The previously forgotten area has begun to attract both Helsinkiers, tourists and school classes. And local people have finally got the color and art they wanted on their walls.