A Year Without New Clothes

“The world is drowning in stuff and all the closets are full of unused clothes. Sewers are slaving away sweatshops and landfills are full of textile waste.

Let’s help the environment together: let’s not buy any new clothes for a year! Let’s use old things, buy second hand and borrow from friends. In cases of emergency we’ll allow three exceptions (the tough guys will obviously make it without any cheats). And by the way: shoes are also counted as clothes! But with socks and underwear you are allowed to make an exception.”

A year without new clothes is a social media campaign I organised in Facebook, with the aim to make people pay more attention to the problems of the consumption culture and to change the world more environmentally friendly direction. The campaign, arranged every year since 2014, has achieved great success, received a lot of media attention and got many people to change their consumption habits into something more ecological and ethical.