Kallio Block Party

Kallio Block Party is without a doubt one of the greatest and biggest events that I have had a part in organising. Kallio Block Party has been organised by Kallio movement since 2011. The movement is a politically and religiously independent collective formed by the people who live, work or otherwise spend time in or nearby the neighbourhood of Kallio in Helsinki.

Kallio Block Party combines music and street art and creates an alternate reality and vision of what the city could be, if its streets were just for the people. This event is the biggest street party in Finland, and every year attracts thousands of people to the streets of Kallio.

Hundreds of volunteers have been organising Kallio Block Party during its existence.  I was especially involved in itin 2012 and 2013, but also some years after that. Kallio movement is mostly known for Kallio Block Party, but it organises also a lot of other fun and important stuff.